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Mooncake Festival Gospel Rally (Chinese Service)

日期 / 时间: 2017年10月1日(主日), 早上10点 - 下午1点
地点: 赞美教会华文堂 (#04-130) 和 停车位


我们诚心邀请 您与我们一起团圆。

主讲简历: 林福田牧师在1979年信主。2000年,林牧师从政府部门提早退休,同年进入三一神学院接受装备,于2004年毕业,获颁道学学士。2004年毕业后,他成为善牧堂传道。2006年,被按立为会吏,隔年被按立为会长,期间他继续在善牧堂牧会。圣公会新加坡教区在2008年调派林牧师往圣灵堂服事。

更多详情, 请联络 6773 1300 或电邮 chinese@cpbc.org.sg

Date(s) / Time: 06 October 2017 (Fri), 10am – 5pm
Venue: Clementi Community Centre (220 Clementi Avenue 4, S129880)

Age group: 6 – 12 years old

For registration or enquiry, please contact Ps Guna at 6773 1300 or email kidzone@cpbc.org.sg

Date(s) / Time: 07 October 2017 (Sat), 9.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: CPBC Language Hall (#04-130)
Conducted by: Beth Barone, BarONE Resources

Want to know God more? Then we certainly need to hear our Lord's voice!
Come join us for this special NETS class as Beth Barone shares with us on Hearing the Voice of God!

Register at cpbc.me/hearingGodvoice by 4 Oct (Wed). 

You may also contact 6773 1300 or email nets@cpbc.org.sg Thank you.

Date(s) / Time: 15 October 2017 (Sun), 12.00nn – 12.45pm
Venue: CPBC Main Auditorium (#04-133)

Special meeting with the Lead Pastor for all Cell Leaders, Interns & Ministry Leaders.
Your attendance will be much appreciated!

For more info, please call 6773 1300 or email cpbc@cpbc.org.sg

Date(s) / Time: 15, 29 October 2017 (Sun), 12.45pm – 3.30pm
*22nd session changed to 29th Oct
Venue: CPBC Training Room (#04-128)
Conducted by: Susana Yap

Are you experiencing difficult relationships?
The Book of Philemon is a short letter by the Apostle Paul on dealing with the challenges of relationships from his heart, faith and love. Join us in this study to learn about working out relationship challenges through Biblical insights.

Registration @ cpbc.me/philemon from 24 September onwards.
Closing Date: 11 Oct

For more info, please call 6773 1300 or email nets@cpbc.org.sg

Date(s) / Time: 19 - 28 October 2017
Venue: China
Led by: Ps Larry Leong

Please keep the team in prayers!

For more info, please call 6773 1300 or email chinese@cpbc.org.sg

Date(s) / Time: 27 October 2017 (Fri), 7.30pm – 9.45pm
Venue: CPBC Main Auditorium (#04-133)

Join us as we unite and pray for our CPBC community and transition.

For more info, you may also contact 6773 1300 or email prayer@cpbc.org.sg Thank you.

Date(s) / Time: 29 October 2017
Venue: CPBC Main Auditorium (#04-133)

For more info, please call 6773 1300 or email missions@cpbc.org.sg

Date(s) / Time: 29 October, 12 November 2017
Venue: CPBC Conference Room (#04-127)
Conducted by: Ps Simon Tan

Due to limited space, course is reserved for selected individuals only.

For more info, please call 6773 1300 or email lovecambodia@cpbc.org.sg

Event dates and details may change due to unforeseen circumstances.
For enquiries on any of the above events, please contact the church office.